Sea Fishing

Sea fishing is not quite what it is decided to do on a yacht. Among yachtsmen it is considered to be not a proper thing. But nevertheless, everybody does it. Why not? It’s a good idea to combine a special sailing trip with fishing.

We invite participants and guests to fishing. We think that we have everything necessary for this. But most importantly, regardless of the result, participants get a lot of pleasure, good mood, fresh air and the best sailing experience for a long future. A comfortable accommodation on board the yacht in comparison with usual fishing boats will be a good complement. Sea fishing combined with yachting is a great leisure and sport. And not for anglers only, but for the whole family.

Equipment for sea fishing

On the yacht Liberty Tours there is everything you need for sea fishing. Starting from several rods, traditional Greek reels, hooks, special tools and spare parts. All this, except for the lost inventory, is available for our guests completely free of charge for the whole time of the sea fishing.

Equopment for sea fishing free

Of course program participants can also use their own rods. Or, at their choice, climb aboard empty-handed and get everything they need.

When sea fishing is over, guests can take all catched fish home and think about what to do with it. Or use our grill on board to cook it and enjoy not only fishing, but also a barbecue. And if the weather turned bad, we can do all this in the galley and set the table in the saloon. And for the beginning of the meal it is not necessary to wait for the end of sea fishing.

Moreover, we do not like to disappoint our friends. In case of complete failure, and the sea is stronger than all of us, we can arrange a lunch or diner on board anyway. To do this, before going out to sea fishing, our three refrigerators are loaded with the necessary products, including fish.

Sea fishing: what could be caught

Sea fishing has a very large variety of potential catches. For example there is a list of fish that could be caught in Greece, in the Mediterranean sea. We can print you this picture on board to be sure that you have caught every one in it one by one and haven’t missed any.

Sea fishing in Greece

Join Us for Sea Fishing

To join our sea fishing trip please book in advance. We have a big yacht but we are restricted by the amount of berth. Only six comfortable spaces are available for a passage and there could be on board no more than eight persons as an absolute maximum.

We are building a team for spending excellent time. Please be ready to bring with you good mood, sense of humor, good character and easy going life style.

We are not a charter boat. But there is no such a thing as free lunches. We have to service the yacht, pay for marinas, fuel, food on board, etc. So the expenditures should be shared. Please, contact us for more details.