Яхтенные вечеринки

Yacht parties are not necessarily for millionaires only. It is simple and affordable to spend time on the yacht. There is no need to go for a long passage around the earth. Moreover, one can get the best experience of yachting even without leaving a marina. The most important thing is the atmosphere!

We do yacht parties for our friends only or open for everyone. Or alternatively we can arrange a yacht party especially for you! It could be more interesting and thousands times better than an evening out to a bar or restaurant.

What do we have for yacht parties

There are two places on Liberty Tours for yacht parties. Depending on the weather we can use our saloon or cockpit. Both of them are bigger than on a usual charter boats.

There is a home cinema system with a big screen in the saloon, including a projector and sound devices.

Яхтенные вечеринки на яхте Liberty Tours

There is a gas grill on deck. So your yacht party could be arranged as a barbecue at sea.

The Yacht party could be combined with sea fishing. And the lunch or diner could be arranged. Usually we have all the staff ready on board for it: fishing rods, food, drinks, etc.

In our galley we have a double stove system with gas and electricity, professional Kenwood with accessories, microwave and one more electric grill for using inside if needed.

Yacht parties on Liberty Tours

What to wear to a yacht party

Do not listen to anybody and use your sense. It depends on the yacht party plan. If we are going to go to sea, it would be much better to wear something for real yachting. It depends on the season and weather. May be you’ll need something water resistant or something to be protected from sunburning.

It is easier to say what not to put on. We have a real natural teak on deck. So any shoes that could damage the deck are strictly prohibited.

When we arrange a yacht party we usually say in advance what dress code is expected. But the main thing is to bring your good mood.

Get Invitation to a Yacht Party

To join our yacht party please book in advance. To join our passage please book in advance. We have a big yacht but we are restricted by the amount of births. Only six comfortable spaces are available for a trip and there could not be onboard more than eight persons as an absolute maximum.

We are building a team for spending excellent time. Please be ready to bring with you good mood, sense of humor, good character and easy going life style.

We are not a charter boat. But there is no such a thing as free lunches. We have to service the yacht, pay for marinas, fuel, food onboard, etc. So the expenditures should be shared. Please, contact us for more details.