Aleksei Sukhoverkhov
The Skipper

Aleksei Sukhoverkhov is a writer and journalist. He was born in Moscow, Russia. He was graduated from the Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism.

“Yachting has come into my live as a hobby. But very soon it turned to my style of life end even profession. Nothing can give more filling of freedom than the wind in your sails!”

Within the last twenty years Aleksei Sukhoverkhov has written more then 1000 articles on economics and politics. He is also the author of two books and even several fiction stories. His publications are known for liberal position and for the choice of Western democracy.


Coastal Slipper Certificqte, RYA

Coastal Skipper RYA

Coastal Skipper certificate was achieved in UK in January-February, 2018. Hard sailing conditions with wind force up to F-8.

Short range radio certificate RYA

SRC (Short Range Certificate) is a document required for boaters to use radio onboard. It confirms the qualification of radio operator.

SRC Certificate RYA
Theory Course Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore.

Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory Course RYA

Coastal Skipper / Offshore Yachtmaster RYA theory course. Passed online in August-September 2017 with the most difficult assessment at the end.

International Certificate of Competence

International Certificate of Competence for pleasure crufts is a document required for boaters to operate in European waters. It could be received after a success pass of exams or after Day Skipper RYA is made.

International Certificate of Competence
Day Skipper RYA

Day Skipper RYA

Day Skipper practical course. This is the first step in yachting as a skipper. After the level is made it is possible to charter a boat. So a lot of boaters do not go further.

Competent Crew RYA

Competent Crew is a starter level in RYA education system. This course gives the base understanding of sailing, marine terms, rope works, etc.

Competent Crew RYA

To be continued…

Russian GIMS certificate

GIMS License

License issued by Russian Small Vessels Inspection (GIMS) which is responsible for all boaters knowledge and practical experience tests in Russian Federation. All available craft categories are allowed including engine boats, sail yachts with no sail size limitations, hydrocycle, etc. This license allow boating in Russian territorial waters, sea and rivers.

Diving Tours, PADI Dry Suit Diver Certificate

PADI Dry Suit Diver Certificate

This certificate was received in Moscow, Russia, in December, 2017 in an ice cold water of a lake in Spas-Kamenka Dive Site.

PADI Open Water Diver Certificate

Open Water Diver was made in really rough conditions of Russian winter when water temperature is 1-3 degrees C.  This certificate was received in Moscow in December, 2017 in a lake in Spas-Kamenka Dive Site together with the Dry Suit Diver Certificate.

Diving Tours, PADI Open Water Diver Certificate

To be continued…